A Message From Our Founder:

   "Rome Electric Motor Works, Inc. was founded in 1945 to provide industry in our area with electric motor repair. Since that time, we have continually grown with the ever-increasing needs of our customers. While we still specialize in motor repair, the Rome Electric Motor Works of today offers a diverse program of electrical sales and repair services. For example, with the addition of our Industrial Controls and Power Transmission business segments, we have become a motion control as well as a motor repair shop. We want you to consider us as your "one stop" service center to meet any, as well as all of your equipment needs. Whether it be repairs, sales, or services, we will keep you online and operating confidently.

   "Our goal is to provide products and services of the highest quality and greatest value to our customers, in order to build long-term relationships characterized by mutual respect." -Robert A. Bowling

Proud Member of EASA

Quick and accurate access to manufacturers' winding data, provided by EASA, assures that any rewound apparatus meets original design specifications. We also have the ability to redesign and rebuild motors to your exact specifications. Our engineers can change a motor's operating characteristics to meet your requirements. We also provide the proper process to protect windings against abrasives and contaminated or moisture-laden atmospheres that destroy normal windings.

Winding Department

Our winding department possesses competency and capability to wind or repair any motor, ranging from 1/3 to 2000 hp. When a motor comes in for repair, we first disassemble it, and then test it with the most current equipment, in order to determine the cause of failure. Once the cause of failure is determined, we make all the repairs which are necessary to return the motor back to its fully-operational and functioning state. Before the motor is returned to the customer, we conduct extensive testing to ensure that the motor is performing at its maximum potential. To learn more about our winding department, please click here.

Machine Shop

Our machine shop is equipped to meet all needs, both big and small. We have the capability to turn rolls with a 50-inch outer diameter with links up to 25 feet. We also offer in-house and on-site dynamic balancing, laser alignment, and vibration analysis. To learn more about our machine shop, please click here.

Electronics Lab

We custom design and manufacture Control Panels. Skilled engineers and technicians, with a complete stock of spare parts, provide rapid 24 hour emergency services and field troubleshooting to keep production running smoothly and to minimize downtime. To learn more about our electronics lab, please click here.

Test Equipment

We have a large variety of testing equipment; from a 1500 kVA variable voltage test center, capable of achieving 1600 V, to several winding surge testers, and core testing equipment. With these tools, we are able to ensure the integrity of all motors, both big and small. To learn more about our test equipment, please click here.


We offer an extensive variety of products, including, but not limited to AC and DC drives, control products, power transmission items, as well as new motors. For each of the different products we distribute, we are able to provide the customer the ability to choose from many different manufacturers, each of which is well-known for exhibiting and possessing a multitude of unique, individualized qualities and specifications. When it comes to purchasing any of the above-mentioned products, our team at Rome Electric Motor Works is more than willing to take the time to help you determine what item best suits your individual needs. To learn more about our products, please click here.