Winding Department

Our rewinding facilities provide for both random and form windings with modern equipment such as the time-saving coil winder, which virtually eliminates crossovers for higher quality compact coil and assures the correct number of turns per coil.

To improve thermal life, all Class B (130°C) or Class F (155°C) insulation materials are always replaced with high-temperature, Class H insulation, suitable for 180°C maximum hot-spot temperature.

The Form-Wound stators will also have all coil connections and leads taped with absorbent Mica and glass tapes and will be vacuum pressure impregnated for a void free winding with excellent environmental protection.

All stators are thoroughly tested for phase balance, turn shorts, and phase to ground. Surge testing is also used as a diagnostic tool on incoming stators as a step in determining the condition of existing windings.

Core Damage

Core damage or the possibility of core degradation due to repeated exposure to uncontrolled or excessively high temperatures may reduce the efficiency and performance of the repaired machine. Our core tester determines the condition of interlaminar insulation, locates hotspots and shorted lamination, and finally enables us to make a factual assessment of the integrity of stators, rotors, and armatures.

VPI Tank

This epoxy resin system is capable of less than 1mm Mercury of Vacuum and 95psi pressure, which are absolutely essential to successful VPI of motors and components. Properly processed motors with 100% solid void-free epoxy resin are proven to have increased mechanical strength and run cooler through improved heat transfer characteristics. The completely sealed insulation system provides excellent resistance moisture, chemicals, and other destructive contaminants common to many industrial environments.

Temperature Controlled

Chart equipped, thermostatically regulated ovens maintain preset temperatures and are carefully controlled to be sure that materials are not subjected to overheating and subsequent decomposition.

The burnout process permits removal of the windings in a way that will not damage the frame, or impair the magnetic characteristics of the motor.

Engineering Capabilites

Quick and accurate access to manufacturer's winding data provided by EASA assures that al rewound apparatus meet original design specifications. We also have the ability to redesign and rebuild motors to your exact specifications. Our engineers can change a motors operating characteristics to meet your requirements.